27 Sep 2023

¡PlaceOut! Proyecto: De la investigación a los resultados

The results of the research and knowledge-building efforts undertaken from December 2022 to May 2023 within the PlaceOut! project are now available on this website.

These project outputs are the product of a collaborative effort involving our project partners: Wazo, Beecom, Ecosystem EU, ActionAid Greece, and LAMA Impresa Sociale. With the support of the entire consortium, these outputs facilitate a comparative exploration of project territories, focusing on key PlaceOut! themes, including non-urban area specificities, youth policy-making, dialogue between youth and institutions, and territorial regeneration.

Three different outputs have been developed:

Comprehensive Context Analysis: An in-depth analysis comparing the four project territories, providing both an overview of each territory and a comparison from the EU perspective, emphasizing the implications of their non-urban dimension.

Needs Assessment: Interviews and focus groups with Youth Grassroots Organisation and Local institution members result in a ready-to-use document that elaborates on and summarises the needs perceived by young people and local policy-makers.

Maps of Abandoned Places: Four accessible and intuitive maps featuring the most relevant abandoned or underused spaces in all four PlaceOut! territories, chosen for their potential in terms of territorial regeneration.

Find these outputs in the ‘Resource’ and ‘Territories’ sections of this website.

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